A Promise Made-A Promise Kept

July 7, 2016 By

promiseWith the thoughts of the 2016 Vets Fishing Outing still fresh in our minds we have one more story to tell about the 2015 Veterans Outing. As many of you recall, it was a thick as “Pea Soup” of a foggy morning one year ago as the Boats headed out to fish from Grindstone City. One boat Captained by Dan Tracy of Bluebird Fishing Charters stayed in port to see if the fog was going to lift a little before heading out. Dan and his crew went up to the restaurant in Grindstone City for a cup of coffee to wait out the fog. After a hour or so it was apparent the the fog was going to win this battle on this day. Some of the Vets were disappointed of the lost opportunity to hit the Great Lakes to chase Salmon and Lake Trout. Capt. Dan was determined to get these folks out on the water so he told them to pick out a day when they could all come back and try again. It didn’t take long for the Vets to come up with a day, made the call to Dan and it was set.! Later that summer on a beautiful day, they motored out to the Lake . And what a great day it was as evident by this photo of happy Fisher-men and there catch ! Hats off to Dan Tracy and his First Mate on The Bluebird for Making a Promise to these Vets and Keeping it ! Again Thank You to ALL the Charter Captains and their Crews out of Grindstone, Harbor Beach and Port Austin who volunteered to take our Military people out for a great fishing day last year and again this year !

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