About Us

We are the Thumb Chapter of the MSSFA. We meet at the Ubly Fox Hunter’s Club. Here is a map showing directions to the location. We meet the 3rd Thursday of the month between March and October. Many of our member head for warmer climates in the winter months but we are all excited about the early Spring bite.

MSSFA was organized in 1967 by a handful of individuals who knew that Michigan’s newly formed trout & salmon fishery was something worth working to protect. They were a small group who wanted not only to protect their fishery, but learn how to catch their elusive prey and tell fishing stories. MSSFA Chapters have membership meetings with guest speakers to learn all the aspects of sport fishing.  MSSFA Chapters also sponsor fishing clinics, seminars, sport-fishing shows, derbies and tournaments. With a common goal, and a close working partner with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). MSSFA helps to enhance the resource and sport fishing in our rivers, streams, inland lakes and of course the Great Lakes.

Why Join the Steelheaders?

By joining one of MSSFA 18 Chapters your joining a group of fishermen, woman and children who enjoys being around the Great Lakes and its fishery.  By joining, your also showing that you care enough about the Great Lakes and it’s fishery that you’re willing to join a group of individuals that want to get as much as they can from what the Great Lakes has to offer while maintaining its natural beauty and resource.

If there’s one thing a Steelheader knows how to do equally as well is that we know how to enjoy the fishery by knowing the latest techniques and tactics that constantly puts fish in the boat under all conditions.  It’s well known that if you want to improve at something you need to surround yourself with people who are just as eager to learn as well as being involved with people who have the experience to show you how.  In every MSSFA Chapter there are such people, people who are experts at salmon, steelhead, lake trout and even walleye and other Michigan game fish. Many Steelheaders are as comfortable on the river or stream as they are on the big lakes or small ponds, they don’t just fish for salmon or trout, they fish for all species and enjoy being outdoors and on the water.

All MSSFA Chapters have their own schedules with events such as membership meetings where ideas are shared and Chapter happenings are discussed.  Some of the other events include kid’s fish outings, cook outs, boat & fishing show involvement and seminars. Most chapters publish their own chapter newsletter to keep you informed of upcoming local events and issues. One of our most popular outings we have are chapter tournaments.  Mostly these are not big money, high entry fee tournaments.  They are outings where the members get together for a fun day of competition between club members at various ports around the state. Families and friends who enjoy one another’s company make up the teams and after a day of fishing, they usually finish with a big cook out or social gathering.  Each Chapter has their own schedule which can be seen on the chapters web page or in the official MSSFA publication of the Great Lakes Sportfishing News that you receive for free just by joining.

Yes, we do stay on top of what’s going on in Lansing with potential laws concerning the fishery as well as what’s being discussed inside the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.  In fact, the Steelheaders have representatives and input on a number of Great Lakes Advisory Committees where we express the concerns and viewpoints of our Membership. We have a tribal representative to monitor tribal laws and issues, an executive director that meets regularly with the DNR Fisheries Chief, the Director of the Michigan Natural Resources Commission and various State Representatives and Senators.

Joining the Steelheaders is simple and compared to many other organizations, still inexpensive for what you get.  To join, search out a Chapter and take a look at what they are involved in.  Feel free to contact someone from that Chapter and ask questions.  If you have any questions on who to contact, start by contacting the Membership Office at membership@michigansteelheaders.org

With any Chapter, you can get involved with as much or as little as your schedule allows. Whether you just fish in the tournaments, attend the membership meetings or you simply join just to receive the Steelheader Newspaper, it’s up to you but at least you’ll have the opportunity to get involved with the outings when you are ready as well as having a voice in the direction of maintaining a healthy fishery.

As a member you will also be entitled to numerous discounts from various merchants around the state by showing your MSSFA Membership card to them when making purchases, see the web site or the GLSFN for a complete list of the “It Pays to Belong” merchants.

Some of the accomplishments of the Steelheaders over the past 40 years include;

Reduction in gill netting in the great lakes

Implantation of the 3 rod bill to allow anglers to fish with up to 3 fishing rods

Bringing needed funding to the DNR and Federal agencies for Cormorant research and control

Common creel limit amongst states for Salmon and Trout fishing on the Great Lakes

Provide scholarships and grants for conservation related graduate studies

Work to put in place Ballast Water laws

Support for Great Lakes Marine Sanctuary’s

Provide input and recommendations to the DNR on fishery plant increases and reductions

Fund, build and maintain Net Pen Projects around the state

Provide sponsorship and support for the Salmon in Schools program

Work with various communities around the state on building or improving fish cleaning facilities

Facilitate a legislative night in Lansing to gather support from state representatives for DNR Fisheries issues

Provide volunteers to various comminutes for public events and tournaments